Tuesday, April 23, 2024

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Lazy to Have Things Delivered

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Lazy to Have Things Delivered

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My sister pays to have her groceries purchase and delivered. I think this is lazy and a waste of money. She says her time is more valuable. Where do you stand on such services?

If I had the money, I’m high-risk for COVID-19, I have no form of transport, there’s no one nearby selling the things I need, these things are specially made and available only somewhere far, I’m buying in bulk I live in a COVID-19 hotspot, and I have a lot of better and more productive things to do that bring in the money I’d probably pay someone to buy and deliver my groceries, too.

If you’ve noticed, I would only resort to delivery under very strict circumstances — something like under the duress of ECQ or a lockdown, like having no access to the Evangelista Public Community Market across Tripa de Gallina when the gate from Pasay to Makati is closed — namely:

1.  You’re high risk and you’re living alone — and it’s impossible for you to get your essentials from neighboring stores, such as fresh lemons, bananas, and young coconut water from the wet market or antihypertensives and anticholesterol maintenance meds from the pharmacy, and you can’t miss these things until a month or so.

2.  You’re stuck at home and you need something from a specialty supplier — like needing to get a new mattress after the five-month-long lockdown ruined not only your back from sleeping and sitting too long on your cotton-filled mattress, and you don’t have sturdy foam-based mattresses in community stores or groceries.

3.  You’re bound by work from home arrangements and you’re only free in the evenings – when the curfew hours are imposed and it’s impossible for you to squeeze a couple of hours booking a tricycle to Puregold Libertad, line up for hours to enter, fill out health declarations, and checkout at the cashier for your groceries, toiletries, and other daily essentials.

In any of these 3 cases, you’re left with nothing but to have your mobile phone data ready to have some stuff delivered.

Not that you’re lazy, but you just need to.

Otherwise, if only to get sunshine on me since I live in a tiny room with no sun and very little air and have no other means of exercise except walking, I’d rather buy my own food and save a lot, especially after realizing how delivery costs could sometimes be equal to the amount I’m paying for a little food delivery.

Delivery is practical for items unavailable nearby, are really special and unique, and being bought in bulk or large quantities, otherwise, you’re on the losing end because it isn’t cost-efficient — and you lose a lot of priceless minutes with Nature, under the caring warmth of the sun, surrounded by fresh air!

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