Monday, March 4, 2024

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Thing into a Fountain of Good


5 Ways to Turn a Bad Thing into a Fountain of Good

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How can you not let one bad thing ruin your day?

I must admit, not letting one little bad thing ruin your day is easier said than done.

This is often very difficult, even impossible for some.

After all, the mind is configured to see the bad in things and people to protect itself. And, self-preservation is an instinct that is hard to counter.

We’d see the defect in product we ordered and the lint on a new black shirt as well as we’d be haunted by a snide remark, an opinion too harsh, and a missed appointment.

It’s normal, but it doesn’t mean our day is done for even when we’ve just started. All isn’t lost, if you’re asking.

With enough will training and habit conditioning, you can try the following as I do every time something amiss, dubious, or unwelcome happens.

1.  Take a deep breath — and, perhaps, follow it with several more deep breaths until you’ve calmed down.

This is to acknowledge what disappointed you or ruined your mood and move on.

Either because you can’t do anything anymore or because you can certainly turn things around: “Changing what you can and accepting what you can’t.”

For many and the most minor mishaps, this should do the trick.

2.  Talk to yourself or phone a friend — to unload whatever weight you have on your chest, paining your heart, and making your head ache.

Since I’m not a talker, I’d often rationalize things in my head or weigh the pros and cons out loud just to distance myself from the fact!

You can even pour everything out in writing if you’re the type if you have the time and the paper to spare. Do so until you’re drained of all negativities.

Until there’s nothing more to say and everything can go on to the next step and to the next task unhampered.

3.  Count your blessings — and focus on the rest of the good things that happened to you that day and any other day until you are overwhelmed only with goodness!

There’s so good in life that we miss because of being constantly on the lookout for the “bad”.

Welcome all these good things, positive thoughts, good news, great events, fantastic discoveries, sparks of insight and inspiration, lessons learned, accumulated treasures, wishes fulfilled, dreams realized, lives lived, and answered prayers!

You’d be surprised these could overwhelm you.

The thing is, just feel good about the good instead of wallowing in disappointments and letting the bad ruin your day.

4.  Delight yourself — and wallow in the joy and fun of entertaining and treating yourself: because you deserve it.

Treat yourself to your favorite food, listening to your brand of music, chatting with your closest friends, watching your must-watch movies, starting on your reading list, engaging in your favorite sports, and answering questions on Quora.

For every surprise downer in life, reward yourself for facing it through, hurdling it, and doing something positive out of it.

Look at cute pups and kitties, your baby’s growing up photo, beautiful art, or even the lush blush of sunlight or sunset!

These are powerful, yet free, sources of delight, joy, and happiness for you.

Life is too short not to enjoy, right?

5.  Get busy — after all the trouble, tears, and adrenaline, life goes on.

You simply must live your normal day to do your usual tasks and routines.

And, when you’re at it, as in really at it, you’d be surprised how fast your mind diverts its attention and hurting to your own business.

As you start focusing on the task at hand, getting busy, and doing it really well, everything falls back into its proper place, in grace and gratitude!

Rejoice and be glad!