Thursday, May 23, 2024

3 Healthy Me Time Things I Need More Time for Every Day

3 Healthy Me Time Things I Need More Time for Every Day

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What did you do today that you wished you had a little bit more time for?

Have you ever wished that you’d have more than 24 hours each day even under lockdown and community quarantine?

It seems ironic that a lot of us still lack the time even if we’re left at home, wishing that we could have done more.

I’m one of those people, unfortunately, and here are three things I wish I could have spent more time on every day!

1.  I wish I could have more sleep – because sleep, lockdown or not, is something the body needs more of to heal, fend illnesses, and energize.

Since I get shuttled to work weekdays, I would have to sleep around 9 PM to wake up 6 AM and prepare.

That sounds good enough, but it’s seldom that one gets to sleep that long, if at all.

But there are times I couldn’t when deaths get closer and closer, when bed bugs attack me in the middle of the night, and when I’m nursing some pain or discomfort.

A sound restful sleep is possible only if I’m stress and worry free, after a warm bath and a cup of tea or milk.

Then, the body knows when to sleep restfully when you’ve done everything that needed to be done each day.

A few minutes of stretching and a momne of thanks before sleeping makes for a nice sleep, too.

2.  I wish I could have more movie time – to replace reading time, which before occupied most of my time at home.

Now that I couldn’t collect books anymore with my tiny rented space and with eyes too tired to read printed text after a whole day’s work on the computer, moving images are the next best thing to enjoy.

Not only does film remind me of some of the most valuable of life’s lessons, without having to undergo all the travails: they also give me more reasons to become more human and humane.

Movies enable me to be more appreciative of others, more attuned to the world, and more sensitive to others even though I live alone.

Films are in these trying times the most important art form for me: they remind me I’m alive and that I feel and think.

Cogito ergo sum!

3.  I wish I could eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables I could – which is more of a wishful thinking knowing I don’t have a juicer to juice them, a ref to jeep them, or a garden to plant them.

However, I try to stock on fruits like lemons, oranges, apples, and grapes to snack on lightly every time I get hungry.

Since my conditions don’t allow me to feast on processed, canned, salty, fatty, artificially sweet stuff, fruits are the go to food for me: all natural, healthy, and nutritious.

However, when too tired from work, I often am not able to balance all three for a really rewarding me time at night.

Then, I welcome the weekends to make the most of these three things I always miss doing more of ever day!

This is why our four-day visit to Dr Nick  Perlas’ CBE Farm at Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, where this green plateful was taken, was a most rewarding experience.

Minus the movies of course!

Try them, these three won’t let you down wherever you are and whatever keeps you busy.

They’re fail proof treats, I assure you!