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3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Dampa Express & Why You Should Try It, Too


3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Dampa Express & Why You Should Try It, Too

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When you crave for fresh seafood for your family dinner or special occasion needs, you’d find yourself very few options.

You can either look for a seaside dampa paluto or a Chinese restaurant where you can choose fresh or live seafood selections.

Baked Oysters

These fish, crustaceans, or sea shells will be weighed on a per gram basis and cooked to your specifications.

But how many such restaurants are near your home, community, or workplace?

How many of these restaurants offer a wide array of affordable menu choices?

How many of them serve fast and quick without risk to reducing the freshness of ingredients and quality of cooking when you want your food delivered?

I’m not too knowledgeable in this area, but I learned that Dampa Express offers a big check on all three counts!

1.  Dampa Express has more branches than most Chinese or fresh catch restaurants.

Adobong Pusit

Not only because they’re going on 30 branches including those that will soon open, but also because Dampa Express believes in bringing the seafood experience to the people!

So Mr Simon Lim, Jr, in partnership with Mr Ronald Iledan, opened their first Dampa Express in Quezon City along Xavierville Avenue.

However, they had to move the branch to a bigger location a few meters away along Kamias Road to accommodate more diners.


So, if you’re in the middle of these communities, you don’t have to go to Manila Bay or Timog to satisfy your seafood cravings.

2.  Dampa Express has an array of mouthwatering Filipino-style options in bilaos!

Although their servings are not your usual single or double serving fast food type, their bilao-packaged treats are all what you call “party size”!

In front of Dampa Express Don Antonio

They’re enough to serve families and groups for special occasions, celebrations, and holidays without making a dent on the family budget.

Bailao servings range from 1,500+ to 3,000+ with their boodle fight package at 5,000+.

Still lower than your Chinese dinner table set menus or your fresh catch by the gram servings!


More than the generous servings, Dampa Express “Buys Local” so all fresh seafood, ingredients, and bialos and paper bags are locally sourced.

3.  Dampa Express has partnered well with Grab Foods to satisfy the home delivery demand!

So, whether you’re not within walking distance or a short car ride from a branch or franchise, you still can enjoy the fabulous seafood meals using your mobile app or through a simple phone call!

With such a wide array of choices that will give you shrimps and crabs and shells and vegetables in all sorts of combinations done the traditional Filipino way, but with a twist that makes all their sauces a standalone delight, you will never miss wihh Dampa Express.

Inside the Videoke Room

Check out Dampa Express on Facebook and find out for yourself!