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4DPocket, Inc, Treats Families w/ Japan’s HOWAY Toys, Cardboard Wonders for Fun-filled Learning!

4DPocket, Inc, Treats Families w/ Japan’s HOWAY Toys, Cardboard Wonders for Fun-filled Learning!

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4DPocket, Inc, a private manufacturing, design planning, and goods trading enterprise, expands its offering this November 2019 by being the sole Philippine distributor and partner of Japan’s HOWAY TOYS.

By providing the Philippine market with environment-conscious, durable, recyclable, and educational child-size cardboard DIY toys, 4DPocket seeks to provide Filipinos with family-friendly home projects to foster creativity and bonding between parents and their growing kids.

To date, the following are HOWAY TOYS product offerings, although only the first two are currently available for online orders:

1. The Kitchen – the smallest of the line of toys; takes only 15 minutes to assemble by their in house technician, so it would take at least an hour for beginners to setup;

2. The Secret Home Base – the biggest of the line of toys, which could take hours of serious fun between eager kids and experienced dads or moms to put together;

What makes this set interesting is that it has built-in games such as secret locks and keys where kids can play jail!

3. The Mushroom House – for those interested in something green and about gardening;

4. The Cat Desk and Cat Chair – for those who love to do art, doodling, and writing in their own kiddie mini-office; note, however, that the seats could only safely take the weight of a bulky 5 year old.

There’s also a Cat Book Case to go along the Desk-Chair pair to complete your kiddie bedroom experience! and,

5. The Rocket House – for those scientifically inclined!What’s more, the Kitchen Set is priced at an affordable P2,000 while the Secret Home Base wouldn’t cost your pockets more than P2,900!

Weighing only a maximum of 2 kilos, it would surely surprise kids and parents how they are able to create a three-dimensional kitchen appliance or building from something so flat and light!

What’s more is that not only would kids and their daddies and mommies could spend hours setting up their sets, they could have endless times of fun and learning too even after they’ve set up their HOWAY TOYS.

Because right after you’ve got your kiddie kitchen and secret home base, kids could then start to personalize, doodle, color, decorate, accessorize, and jazz up their kitchens and secret hideaways every day they wish!!!

To top it all, the sets could be dismantled twice at the maximum if you really need to transfer homes or transport the setups. The secret home base though could actually be flattened to fit in your cars without having to dismantle the whole thing!

Inspired by HOWAY Japan’s 50 years of servicing the Japanese market with the best in cardboard packaging – such as cardboard boxes, DIY shelves, and even tables that when laminated turns waterproof!
HOWAY diversifies by creating something that families would be able to enjoy all year round by engaging children’s innate artistic and technical abilities right in their own homes!

With educational fun as the top priority, parents definitely shouldn’t miss HOWAY TOYS for Christmas and all year round!