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6 Awesome Things You Can Do by Walking Daily

6 Awesome Things You Can Do by Walking Daily

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There’s nothing not to like about walking, which is about the only form of exercise I do and can do everyday!

Since I only have a 3 feet by 15 feet living space, I need to find an alternative to the zumba sessions that stopped when the pandemic came: and, nothing beats walking as the next best thing!

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s free and everything for the taking.

Even all the sweat you’ve shed, the clothes you’d soil, and the initial tired feeling would all be worth it.

As you’d see, walking is a blessing that all able-bodied, even those who are less endowed like me who tire easily, can do just about anywhere.

No subscription or gym fees, no trainers, no special diets or requirements, no strings attached, and no side effects as an awesome aerobic exercise.

1.  You are able to enjoy life better and longer – just think of walking as putting your body in inertia. By programming your body to be active regularly, studies showed that those who walk in their 50s and 60s are less likely to die than those who hit the couch and bed more, even if they could still walk.

Giving yourself a daily round of walk not only attunes you to the natural world and the beauty of the surroundings, but also makes you feel good about yourself and the world!

2.  You are able to make yourself feel better – even if you’re beset of worries, problems, and doubts, just a few minutes of walking around your neighborhood could surely change the way you feel: about yourself, your situation, and others!

Walking meditation is a good way to lighten up that feeling of heaviness in you. After all, it releases natural pain­killing endorphins into your body, one of the really good emotional benefits of regular exercise.

As a California State University, Long Beach, study showed: “The more steps you take during the day, the better your moods become!”

3.  You are able to lose weight – without trying too hard, spending too much, or binding yourself to difficult programs and complex calculations. It’s as simple as a brisk 30-minute walk being equal to burning 200 calories!

If you do this 30-minute habit everyday, you’d be surprised you’re burning more calories you can imagine, getting slimmer, and feeling good all the time!

4.  You are able to increase your range of motion – by being able to flex and strengthen your muscles as you walk. And this means not just your legs and abdomen, which are worked out really well, but also your arms and even back, along with all your joints!

You’d be surprised you could bend more, stretch better, and do more when you walk instead of just sitting in your room doing your stretches!

5.  You are able to sleep better – According to studies, women aged 50 to 75 who manage to do one-hour walks in the morning are less likely to suffer from insomnia than non-walkers!

It’s common knowledge that older people tend to sleep less. Now is your chance to improve your sleep by introducing walking into your daily routine.

Not only does it keep you body pumped up, healthy and working, you are also able to heal better when oxygen is pumped throughout your body regularly!

You expel all toxins more and you get more restful and healthier sleeps just by giving those feet and legs the chance to do what they’re made for!

6.  You are able to do more longer – just as a study in the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management found, walking regularly can help you lessen the chance of not being able to do the daily activities you love doing, especially as you reach 65 years old.

If you love gardening, working on crafts, and cooking, a daily dose of walking would help you stay on your feet better, your hands steadier, and your legs sturdier for those rounds in the backyard, workshop, or kitchen.

Not to mention walking helps keep your mind and memory in tip-top shape longer, too.

What’s not to like about walking?

It’s easy to do, easy on all body parts and organs, it’s free, and it’s everything that’s good for you!

Studies have proven that walking lowers your risk for Alzheimer’s, heart ailments, osteoporosis, joint malfunctions, and mental decline.

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