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8 Amazing Skin Care Treats from Avéne Thermal Spring Water

8 Amazing Skin Care Treats from Avéne Thermal Spring Water

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Let’s face it. The often humid Philippine weather is not very friendly to skin or to looking fresh all day long. Avéne Thermal Spring Water’s refreshing and soothing blast of fine mist on the skin is a gift from nature.

Originating from the beautiful mountains of Cevennes in France, this one-of-a-kind product contains minerals with healthy benefits and therapeutic properties proven to soothe, soften, and restore the natural balance of every skin type, especially sensitive skin. But over and above being a soothing, healing mist, Avéne is a beauty aid as well.

Here are eight amazing uses of Avéne Thermal Spring Water for all skin types:

  1. Skin toner after cleansing

Avéne Thermal Spring Water can serve as your go-to setting spray for your everyday makeup look, leaving your skin with a natural, dewy finish. Right after applying your makeup, just spray a fine amount of Avéne on your skin, wait for a few minutes until it dries out and then you’re ready to go.

Not only can it help start up your day, the thermal spray can also be your end-of-day best friend. It’s a perfect toner for sensitive skin after cleansing and removing makeup giving you a freshening finish.

  1. Relieving discomfort after shave

Everyone knows the struggle of that after-shave feeling. Fear not, Avéne’s got your back and everything else. Its cooling sensation is great in providing immediate relief to skin after shaving or waxing, letting you feel only cool, soothing softness.

  1. Soothing redness, rashes, and itch

From a baby’s sensitive skin to facial irritation, Avéne’s thermal spray can be extra soothing to stinging and itching skin in any place of your body. Spray on a fine amount on the itchy body part and dab-dry it after a few minutes to experience relief.

  1. Caring for post-procedure skin

A few self-care regimens such as tweezing, threading, or waxing will surely bother your precious skin. What about laser treatments, skin peeling, and other similar procedures? Send Avéne Thermal Spring Water to the rescue! The spray will help soothe some of the pain as well as alleviate redness and burning that come after these procedures.

  1. Refreshening after recreational activities

Sports, outdoor activities, and other recreational activities can make you feel sticky and haggard. But Avéne Thermal spray, can make you feel refreshed like coming out from a shower. A few squirts on your skin will immediately give you that refreshing sensation you’ve been longing for.

  1. Cooling sunburnt skin

Being exposed under the sun for only a few hours can cause sunburn, a type of skin damage which makes your skin red, swollen, and painful. Having sunburnt skin can be a big hassle and is not something to be taken lightly as this may lead to bigger skin problems. Spray a good amount of Avéne Thermal Spring Water on the damaged part to cool it down and ease the sting of bad sunburn.

  1. Renewing damaged skin/wounds

Wounds or scars take time to heal, especially deep ones. When renewing damaged skin, it is important to use a product dedicated and adapted for the most delicate and sensitive skin–this is exactly what AvéneThermal Spring Water is all about. Spraying the product on affected partshelpsrenew and bring comfort, whatever its origin.

  1. Freshening up during travel

Travelling gives a certain kind of pleasure which we can’t get from other activities. But going on different adventures and exploring the corners of the world or even just the city would be even more pleasurable when you have Avéne Thermal Spring Water with you. Not only will it help to refresh you, it will help you attain fresh and glowing skin for your close-up photos and selfies!

Avéne Thermal Spring Water comes in different sizes, 50mL, 150mL, and 300mL for P585, P750, and P1,158 respectively and is available at selected Watsons stores, mall branches, and online beauty shops.