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Asia Leaders Awards: Real Leaders Shine Brighter in this Pandemic

Asia Leaders Awards: Real Leaders Shine Brighter in this Pandemic

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Photo from ALA 2019

For this year, Asia Leaders Awards 2020 focused more on the leaders who are not just making a difference in their own organisations but also the talk of the town by being outside their comfort zone to help the indigents, frontliners, and those in need of more.

No disease in this generation, in living memory, has posed as great a threat to global health and livelihoods as the novel coronavirus.

But since its earliest days, the battle against SARS-CoV-2 has also spurred countless people to tremendous acts of resourcefulness, courage, and compassion.

Helping others is natural but not everyone is doing it since we are all in crisis — but these leaders are genuinely leading their own team and making sure the blessings will arrive to our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

There are 24 categories for this year’s momentous event:

• Man of the Year
• Young Leader of the Year
• Young CEO of the Year
• Philanthropist of the Year
• Entrepreneur of the Year
• Business Leader of the Year
• Women Leader of the Year
• Franchise Company of the Year
• Lifetime Excellence Award
• Logistics Company of the Year
• Businessman of the Year
• Service Excellence of the Year
• Tourism Excellence Award
• Innovative Businessman of the Year
• Green Company of the Year
• Innovative Company of the Year
• Tech Company of the Year
• Company of the Year
• Product Excellence Award
• BPO Company of the Year
• CSR Company of the Year
• SME Company of the Year
• Influencer of the Year
• Telco Company of the Year

This years award ceremony will be in two venues: November 20, 2020 at Makati Shangrila and November 23, 2020 at the Embassy of Singapore in the Philippines and streamed live on the Asia Leaders Awards Facebook page and in 30 more accounts of the partner organisations.

Asia Leaders Awards, whose main objective is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub and destination in Asia, is one of the largest and most respected awards event in the Philippines with awardees from the Asia Pacific.

Its Mission is to acknowledge those leaders who inspire others to do better and be the best in their industry.

Awards committee members come from different embassies, organisations, and repected industry leaders.

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Highlights from Asia Leaders Awards 2019: