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Beat Holiday Stress with RedDoorz P499 Promo

Beat Holiday Stress with RedDoorz P499 Promo

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The holiday fever is on! Mall sales, Christmas tiangges and bazaars are up and Chtistmas shopping is on everyone’s mind.

It’s easy to get stressed even just by thinking of how to navigate through the hustle and bustle of the days ahead, how to survive the horrendous traffic and get all one’s Christmas errands done.

RedDoorz, the Philippines’ No. 1 affordable hotel chain andSoutheast Asia’s largest, fastest-growing, technology-driven hotel management company, may just have a good solution. For the month of October, RedDoorz is offering rooms at Php 499 for overnight stay at selected RedDoorz hotels nationwide.

This means…

  1. You can rent a room to serve as “battle station” while you shop till you drop.

Shopping and walking with all those bags and packages in your arms can be really uncomfortable, plus the chances of you dropping or missing a package or two increases with each new purchase. You wish you could have a place to leave your bags so you can free your hands and do more “battles” at store counters and tiangge queues.

Why not check into a nearby RedDoorz hotel with a 499 Promo? You can deposit all your stuff while you go out and “shop pa more”, maybe even grab a bite or drink in between. You can rest assured that all your belongings will be safe. You can even grab some snooze time if you want.

  1. You can beat the traffic with an overnight stay at an affordable but clean and comfy hotel.

The MMDA says traffic is going to get even worse, thanks to Holiday mall sales, night markets and tiangges. A lot of people decide to let the traffic subside by staying at restos or roaming around malls a little bit longer. Only to find out that a thousand other mall-goers are thinking the same thing. The result? You all get caught in the jam, and the traffic is still heavy even up to midnight.

Bypass the stress and the traffic. Check your RedDoorz app and look for the nearest RedDoorz hotel. Book a room and let the thought of the traffic melt away as you enjoy a warm shower, savor the clean sheets and treat yourself – yes, the family too! — to a relaxing overnight stay. At very affordable rates.

  1. You can cook up a quick, low-budget Barkada Party and save big bucks.

It’s hard to find a get-together place this time of year. Restaurants are fully booked, bars are crowded and event places are too expensive. Instead of looking for a costly place and spending lots of money on food and beverages, why not hold your cozy Christmas party at a nearby RedDoorz? You’ll get a different vibe, lots of time to chill, and while you’re on a low budget theme, you can ditch the fancy foods and just party on chips, finger foods, and drinks.

  1. You can have a happy, cost efficient Holidays.

So for the Christmas season, don’t be afraid to pursue your dream holiday staycation. Celebrate Paskong Pilipino with family and friends anytime, anywhere in the Philippines. RedDoorz’s affordable hotel rates – even those not included in the 499 Promo — lets you experience and enjoy travel as much as you want, near or far. RedDoorz now has 200 partner hotels all over the Philippines from way up north in Baguio, to Pampanga, Metro Manila, Tagaytay and Palawan all the way down south to Cebu, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Tacloban, Bohol, Davao, Cagayan De Oro and Boracay. Your best Christmas celebration yet could be just a RedDoorz away.

Download the RedDoorz app on Google Play Store and App Store to find your perfect location this Holiday season.

About RedDoorz

RedDoorz is Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing, technology-driven hotel management company offering affordable accommodations for everyone. With a vision to enable people to travel more and provide an affordable reliable stay in all major cities and destinations across the region, RedDoorz is disrupting the hospitality industry by transforming the fragmented supply inventory into branded, standardized accommodations and leveraging its mobile app and digital channels to drive strong consumer demand.

The company was founded in 2015 by a team of senior executives with deep experience in the online travel and hospitality industry and has grown into a regional powerhouse with operations in Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam. The firm has been growing by five times year-on-year.

As part of the RedDoorz brand network, hotel owners are able to grow their businesses and increase revenues while streamlining their operations. RedDoorz’s solutions help partners manage distribution, pricing, marketing, customer experience and technology solutions – offering an end-to-end platform powered by an advanced technology infrastructure. For more information, please