Thursday, April 25, 2024

Boost Your Brand w/ “Ethel’s Extra Amazing Challenge Season 4” & TAG Media

Boost Your Brand w/ “Ethel’s Extra Amazing Challenge Season 4” & TAG Media

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Photo: BNT, Grace Bondad Nicolas, and Ethel Booba

Join Season 4 of Ethel’s Extra Amazing Challenge with BNT (Bakla ng Bayan) × Team Wa Echos of Ogie Diaz at the Laresio Resort in Los Baños, Laguna

In this pandemic, we saw how devastating it is to most people and at times results in depression.

This, a lot of social apps became super popular these days like Tiktok, YouTube, and lots of vlogs that give us moments of fun and happiness.

Ethel Booba with 528K followings on Facebook, 788K on YouTube, and with the highest so far of 1.4M views in her “Ethel’s Extra Amazing Challenge” is a funny and witty concept that rewards players at the end of the fun-filled challenge.

With wide viewer reach for Class B, C & D audiences, this gives significant exposure to any brand.

Its 4th season composed of 8 episodes. It’s a pre-recorded show streaming on YouTube and Facebook every 2 days.

Ethel is a popular TV personality, author, singer, and comedienne. She has also worked in the recording industry.

She was the first been crowned as the celebrity champion at Tawag ng Tanghalan of the noon-time television show It’s Showtime.

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