Monday, December 11, 2023


Cebu Launches 3 Major Ports As Cruise Docking Stations

The Department of Tourism explores Cebu’s major ports for international cruise liners, aligning with plans to elevate the Philippines’ cruise tourism.

DOT Opens Its Rest Area In Bohol For Tourists

Bohol receives its Tourist Rest Area as the Department of Tourism aims to boost tourism and diversify offerings post-pandemic.

DOT Promotes Sports Tourism Growth In Eastern Visayas With International Race In Biliran

Biliran’s hosting of an international race boosts the region’s visitor arrivals.

Nueva Ecija Aims To Transform Into A Premier Farm Tourism Destination

Nueva Ecija province aims to establish itself as a premier farm tourism destination.

Bacolod Highlights Local Foods To Attract Tourists

Bacolod City sets the stage for an unforgettable culinary experience as it showcases the best of local cuisine during the PEP launch.

PHOA To Target 48 New Hotels Before 2028

Investor confidence fuels the construction of 48 new hotels across the Philippines, projecting 15,000 rooms by 2028, signaling optimism in tourism.

Baguio Opens A Park To Boost The Tourism Industry

A stunning renovation at the Botanical Park has transformed the waterways, boosting tourism and inspiring visitors from around the world.

DOT To Come Up With Initiatives For Tourists In Central Luzon

Ensuring safe and secure tourism in Central Luzon, the Department of Tourism conducted seminar orientations to mitigate crises and disasters for industry stakeholders.

Boracay Island Welcomes 2.7k Cruise Ship Tourists

Record-breaking tourist arrivals in Boracay Island as the second cruise ship docks this month, bringing with it 2,700 guests and economic boost.

National Dishes That Were Nominated Internationally Other Than Adobo

Ever wonder which food fought for the ‘National Dish’ symbol? Choose your food fighter with these top competitors of Adobo!