Saturday, April 13, 2024

Christmas Gifts from Page One × Wildfyre

Christmas Gifts from Page One × Wildfyre

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Thank you, Vonj Tingson and PAGE ONE × Wildfyre, for these Christmas gifts celebrating a fruitful year of partnership!

1.  A stick of Peppermint Field Black Inhaler that’s mentholated to keep breathing comfortable and good to keep in your purse or pocket during those extra cool nights celebrating the holidays.

Peppermint Field Black Inhaler

2.  Midy Wireless Music Goggles with extra soft fluffy gray eye covers to keep you company as you count sheep to the tune of your favorite music on Bluetooth, or movies in my case, while travelling or waiting for sleep.

Midy Wireless Music Goggles

Both in a neat Travel Pouch that’s good to go!

Travel Pouch
My Favorite Things Gift Pack

Merry Christmas and A Happy 2021!