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“Committed to Saving Lives”: AstraZeneca’s Country President Lotis Ramin Returns to Asia Leaders Awards 2022

“Committed to Saving Lives”: AstraZeneca’s Country President Lotis Ramin Returns to Asia Leaders Awards 2022

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Lotis Ramin, Country President of AstraZeneca Philippines—the seventh largest ethical multinational pharmaceutical company in the country—returns to Asia Leaders Awards 2022, continuing its streak as an outstanding company that prioritized health and lives during the most difficult times of the global economy.

Asia Leaders Awards is only the recognition giving body whose awards committee is composed of respected leaders from different chambers, organizations, and embassies like the Embassy of Singapore, the Embassy of Poland, and the Korean Council among others.

ALA 2022 Awarding Ceremonies will be on November 22, 2022.

Committing to Saving Lives

“Our commitment is for AstraZeneca doses to help save lives and prevent hospitalization through the government’s primary dose and booster program and with the rise of the super contagious Omicron variant,” shared AstraZeneca Country President Lotis Ramin.

Indeed, AstraZeneca has delivered a ballpark of 40 million vaccine shots in coordination with all sectors, from government to private to COVAX facilities.

AstraZeneca is a global leader in innovating, developing, and distributing medicines for treating and managing cancer, infection, and inflammation as well as heart, gastrointestinal, kidney, metabolic, and respiratory conditions, and, most especially, COVID-19 vaccines.

The MNC’s Philippine operations, one of the pharmaceutical giant’s 100 country ops, employs around 4,000 people around the archipelago to provide Filipino doctors the chance to continually level-up patient care and Filipino households top-notch prescription drugs.

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Rising from the Ranks

Ramin, the first Filipina Country President of AstraZeneca Philippines, started as Marketing Director then rose to Business Unit Director for Cardiovascular Metabolic Diseases, before assuming the multinational’s top post.

She is a graduate of De La Salle University with a BS in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology degree.

Combining Brave Strength and New Happiness

Thus, AstraZeneca Philippine’s melding of innovation, global reach, and science-led practices embodies ALA 2022’s theme of brave strength and new happiness: The Year of the Water Tiger combined with the happiness and warmth of Very Peri, Pantone’s Color of the Year.

“This combination of bravery, strength, newness, and happiness is what symbolizes the changes and the difference the world is experiencing as we look to move beyond the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic,” explained Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas, the power behind the ALA Board.

Continuing the Asia Leaders Awards Legacy

The Asia Leaders Awards continue to be an avenue where companies and business leaders are recognized for their outstanding achievements and efforts to make their companies shine at the same time provide efficient and excellent services to the people.

To date, the ALA is the largest business awards giving body in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia whose main objective is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub and destination in Asia.

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