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DOST-ITDI Director Briones Shares #2020ITDITechnologyOffering Breakthroughs in Functional Foods, Beverages Production

DOST-ITDI Director Briones Shares #2020ITDITechnologyOffering Breakthroughs in Functional Foods, Beverages Production

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Functional foods for emergencies, gourmet salts for specialty consumers, and choco drinks and isotonic beverages for the global health market are in! 

This is what #2020ITDITechnologyOffering shared for possible adoption and commercialization in their recent online event.

Technology for making functional foods and beverages, including emergency food and specialty salts, took center stage during the online conference of Director Anabelle Vuelban Briones, PhD, of the Department of Science and Technology’s Industrial Technology Development Institute.

These breakthroughs in highly improved food products and processes highlight the need for adaptive measures, adaptable technologies, and responsive processes for adoption and commercialization to create better food in the new normal.

The groundbreaking processes and food products featured include emergency “Go Bag” essentials that would help you healthily survive your first 48 hours with powerful emergency foods as well as unique specialty salts for the discriminating palate of the global consumer food market:

1.  Isotonic Drink Cocowater—in calamansi and original flavors, a coconut-based shelf-stable beverage that contains electrolytes (Na, K, CL2, and PO4) formulated to prevent dehydration and supplement energy during and after heavy physical activities.

2.  Mung Bean and Coco Cream Drink—made from protein-rich mung bean and coconut milk infused with vanilla flavor.

3.  Mighty Kamote Ready-to-Eat Boiled Sweet Potato—a ready-to-eat disaster mitigation and relief food developed to help disaster survivors.

4.  Pack of Hope Smoked Fish Rice Meal—another ready-to-eat disaster mitigation and relief food containing high-protein but low-calorie smoked fish.

5.  Tablea Liquor in A Bar—solid chocolate discs and squares made from local cacao beans using fermentation and roasting processes that are guaranteed to result in the highest quality chocolate beverages.

6.  Ready-to-Drink Tsokolate Tablea Drink—a shelf-stable and ready-to-drink chocolate beverage made extra healthy and smooth for children’s tastes and for the world cocoa market.

7.  Salt Iodization Machine—built to enable uniform fortification of iodine in salt in compliance with Republic Act No 8172 or “Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide.”

8.  Gourmet Salts—aroma-infused salts with extracts of seaweed and sea grapes, shiitake mushroom, shrimp heads, guava, mango, and tamarind leaves offer authentic delicacy and saltiness to any dish and concoction.

The event also unveiled the new DOST-ITDI’s new logo “Adopt A Techology”, symbolizing different individuals working together to use technology to empower food production and achieve food sustanability goals.

Watch this Facebook video for a lineup of these superfoods!

Director Briones, fondly called Ma’am Belle by colleagues and fans, is 2020’s Gregorio Y Zara Awardeed for Applied Science Research for her outstanding work in DOST’s Mosquito Ovicidal and Larvicidal Trap and in the utilization of Carrageenan in drug and gene delivery systems.

She was awarded in the recently concluded Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (PhilAAST) Awardees Virtual Presser.

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