Friday, June 21, 2024

Enjoy UP Men’s Basketball Team’s Cashless Lifestyle w/ PayMaya

Enjoy UP Men’s Basketball Team’s Cashless Lifestyle w/ PayMaya

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Going cashless makes everyday tasks easier – from purchasing airline tickets at home, getting awesome rebates while you shop, and even avoiding long lines when you pay your bills. You can transact business with just a tap, swipe, or scan these days, thanks to the first of its kind online payment app, PayMaya.

Members of the University of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Team (UPMBT) now enjoy the perks of a cashless lifestyle. They shop online, subscribe to on-demand services like Netflix or Spotify, book flights from anywhere, pay in movie theaters or restos in a secure, convenient way even without a credit card. Thanks to PayMaya, one of their team’s supporters, they now have a payment buddy that is easy to set up, with an application process that is non-tedious and completely hassle-free. It takes just a few seconds and a couple of taps on a smartphone to get a PayMaya account.   

What’s more, there are countless deals and cashbacks to be enjoyed when one shops online or in stores, when bills are paid, or when money is sent to chosen recipients. PayMaya can also be used to shop at any Visa or Mastercard partner store worldwide, and funds can be withdrawn in whatever local currency wherever and whenever needed.  

Adulting with PayMaya  

UP Fighting Maroons forward David Murrell says his Pay Maya card makes it convenient for him to pay bills, even when he’s in class. He likes that all he has to do is tap “Pay Bills” on the app, select the biller, key in the amount and the billing number, then hit pay.  

UP’s #3 James Spencer, who is also a Gilas Pilipinas U19 guard, says his PayMaya card is a great tool to manage expenses. “When you have cash on hand, it’s so easy to spend it and before you know it, it’s gone. The PayMaya app lets me see how much I still have on my account, how much money I’ve spent, and what I spent it on. It helps me be responsible when it comes to spending.”   

To enjoy the same joys and conveniences of going cashless, all one needs to do is download the PayMaya app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

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