Monday, June 24, 2024

Extended-Stay Booking Platform Signs Contracts with Leading Hotel Brands

Extended-Stay Booking Platform Signs Contracts with Leading Hotel Brands

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Since its launch last month, Yovivo has signed 40 properties across five brands to offer extended hotel stays

Yovivo´s global extended-stay platform has gained valued options for customers seeking to stay in a hotel property for a month or longer. With over 40 properties signed up since its extended-stay platform launch just a month ago, Yovivo is responding to the fastest-growing hospitality sector, largely consisting of digital nomads, seasonal travellers and remote workers in this fluid marketplace.

“The appetite for hotel stays of a month or longer is growing,” says Head of Product, Karen Kochmann. “People are working more remotely, travelling more slowly and seeking more immersive holiday experiences. We are trying to keep up with this demand by providing increasing locations to choose from across the world.”

Yovivo has expanded its portfolio by connecting with state-of-the-art properties in sought-after locations like Porto, London, South Africa, and Paris. In addition to traditional hotel comforts, many of the properties offer facilities designed for extended-stay travellers, such as dedicated work spaces, cooking facilities and wellness activities. These include leading names in hospitality, such as the Wotels hotel chain in Portugal; Yuna, a French company offering hotels and apartments; Feel Porto, providing stylish apartment accommodations; and aparthotels in South Africa managed by Totalstay. Yovivo has also initiated its London offerings through a collaboration with Nestor Stay.

While several big-name hospitality brands such as Hilton and Marriott have firmly attached themselves to the extended-stay bandwagon, Yovivo claims to be the first booking platform to feature a plethora of extended-stay hotels from third parties across the world. A global platform; hotels, hostels, aparthotels and similar hospitality-based properties can be booked via the Yovivo platform, which promises discounts of up to 50% for bookings of a month or longer.

Yovivo already features over 350,000 hotel properties on its platform, and is now beginning to onboard properties specifically designed for extended stays of a month or longer. Yovivo recently announced its unique “under request” feature which allows any hotel to offer extended stays regardless of their existing booking system or channel manager.

About Yovivo 
Yovivo consists of passionate expats (whom have lived in more than 15 countries), travel professionals, and software developers. Currently based on Mallorca, an international hospitality hub, it became evident that hotels are adapting their products to extended-stay bookings in order to become more economically sustainable, not only in their business growth but also in response to the growing trend of remote workers and digital nomads. Historically these nomads were mainly using private home rentals, but recent trends have shifted towards hotel accommodation. The idea was to create a platform dedicated to global hotel bookings to meet the demand for extended-stay accommodation at reasonable rates.

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