Thursday, April 25, 2024

Frontrow Cares Continues to Walk the Talk

Frontrow Cares Continues to Walk the Talk

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In their respective Facebook account, Frontrow Chief Executive Officer, Sam Verzosa and President, Raymond “RS” Francisco both announces that the sales for the whole month of May will be donated to Frontliners and Indigents all around the Philippines. This initiative is even different from the existing donations they are giving away individually with a published of more than 45 million pesos as this writing.


Both from a humble beginnings, Sam and RS both can relate on what’s happening right now in the country. Lockdown means staying home and work are on hold. Some workers are even experiencing hunger because of the no work no pay scheme. Both these executives, has their own team to give out donations and have their own ways to deliver those.

Just recently, we saw that Sam visited Payatas, Quezon City and Porac, Pampanga in person to share his blessings while RS teamed up with a restaurant to give away food to indigents with a “Kontra Gutom: Feeding Program.”

RS and Sam also helped personally the “OPM for a Cause: A Charity Concert” of Tag Media Group with an objective to help different hospitals, orphanages and LGUs. Entertainers performed includes Arnel Pineda, Adonis Tabanda, Gherns, Yazmin Aziz, Andria Bondad Nicolas, Frank Lloyd Mamaril and Elisha Pontanares.

Both Raymond “RS” Francisco and Sam Verzosa receives awards recently under American Association of the Philippines with Philanthropy Awards. One of the awards they received also under Asia Leaders Awards 2019 among others. Truly these duo are walking the talk.