Monday, April 22, 2024

HappeningPH Joins Rising Tigers Magazine in Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon

HappeningPH Joins Rising Tigers Magazine in Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon

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Rising Tigers Magazine Enjoins Filipino Leaders to Lead with Dominance, Courage, and Compassion

Rising Tigers Magazine was launched in 2022 on the Year of the Tiger. Now it’s the most distributed leadership magazine in the Philippines. Rising Tigers Magazine grew due to the stories of the country’s top business leaders, public servants, and celebrities.

In just two years, the magazine expanded to more National Book Store branches to penetrate the nation’s variouos industries. Philippine Airlines became one of its strongest partners, and now the magazine is available at all Mabuhay Lounges. Truly, a milestone.

As we enter 2024, Rising Tigers Magazine welcomes the Year of the Wood Dragon. The dragon symbolizes power, nobleness, honor, and luck. It is a supernatural unparalleled in talent and excellence.

According to China Highlights:

“Because of the Dragon’s knowledge, power, and capability, people are willing to take orders from them. They are best suited as leaders of the world with their character traits of dominance and ambition. They are also ambitious and have a strong drive to realize their dreams, and they are adventurous. Once goals are settled, they will try their best to fight for success. Their eloquence and passion make their speech authoritative. They have another gift—their innate luck, which will help them achieve their goals. They are people of charm, so they can always win another’s heart easily.”

Rising Tigers Magazine CMO Andria Terese Nicolas invites all to embody the characteristics of a Dragon Leader.

“As we welcome the year of opportunities, we should embody the characteristics of a Dragon Leader. Imaginative, passionate, strong-willed, and do everything in the best of all standards. They have no fear in challenges and has the heart to take risks. I recently read the story of how the dragon ended up the fifth zodiac sign, despite the fastest, and deserving to be in the first, it was because he generously helped the other animals who experienced weather challenges in the race. Since the dragon is the only animal that can control the movement of the weather, he made sure everyone is safe throughout the race. The trait that the dragon has that is not usually popular is his heart to help.”

“This year, you must have the strength to demonstrate exemplary leadership with the heart of generously helping others. In the end, you must have the fire within.”

Rising Tigers Magazine welcomes the sole imaginary animal. We invite everyone to lead with dominance, ambition, courage, and compassion.

“As we enter a New Year, we will be having monthly events and projects that will create visionary leaders and gather more people to join us in Nation Building. This will be a start of rapid change, and you will definitely hear more about us, our 2024 will be full of Dragon Leaders. Let’s make history and write it together.”

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