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HappeningPH Sports Exclusive! World Champions, Marc & Alex Marquez, Balance Over 200 Bamboo Baskets in Scooter Competition Ahead of Thailand MotoGP

HappeningPH Sports Exclusive! World Champions, Marc & Alex Marquez, Balance Over 200 Bamboo Baskets in Scooter Competition Ahead of Thailand MotoGP

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Marc and Alex Marquez race with bamboo baskets in Buriram, Thailand, on October 25, 2023. // Sean Chen / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310252488 // Usage for editorial use only //

Sean Chen / Red Bull Content Pool

Thailand, October 25, 2023 – Modest scooters adorned with towering stacks behind! No, it’s not the bustling streets of Thailand, but a riveting scooter race between 8-time MotoGP World Champion, Marc Marquez, and his Moto2 world Champion brother, Alex Marquez, as they weave through the quiet, grassy dirt tracks of Buriram. In this eccentric pre-Grand Prix challenge, the brothers pitted their skills against each other, turning the competition into a spectacle that showcased their balance and competitiveness.

In the first sprint of the scooter race, Alex and Marc faced the challenge of maneuvering 17 bags filled with Thai silk, weighing over 150kg and stretching over 4 meters wide, leading to a collision at the first roundabout. A wide final turn by Alex resulted in a ditch encounter, enabling Marc to cross the finish line first.

In the subsequent race, Marc and Alex navigated a course with over 200 Thai bamboo baskets stacked almost 7 meters tall. Marc took the lead until his baskets snagged an adjacent tree on the final straight, which allowed Alex to secure a last-minute win.

Marc and Alex’s pre-race scooter competition not only offered a glimpse into the local Thai culture but also fostered a playful camaraderie as they geared up for the upcoming Grand Prix in Buriram this weekend.

Marc getting interviewed in Buriram, Thailand, on October 25, 2023. // Sean Chen / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310252487 // Usage for editorial use only //

“To ride the loaded scooter was a bit strange because when you’re turning, especially when you hit some bumps, the scooter was moving super heavy in a very aggressive way. When I see all the scooters in Bangkok and in Buriram, even tuk tuks, I say this must be difficult, especially in the middle of traffic. And I appreciate it a lot because they [local riders] have really good skills,” shares Marc Marquez with a laugh.

Alex Marquez shared similar sentiments, stating “What I enjoyed most was the race against Marc with the cones. We touched a few times, but it was really nice. Difficult to manage, but really fun!”

New Team, New Challenge

The mini competition, potentially foreshadowing what’s to come, took place during the aftermath of Marc Marquez’s announcement to join a new team next year. In a strategic move that has sent shockwaves through the racing community, Marc and Alex will join forces at the Gresini Ducati team in 2024, setting the stage for a narrative of brotherly teamwork and competitive spirit.

“It will be a very nice challenge next year competing with another manufacturer and another team, but especially with and against my brother,” Marc Marquez shares.

Despite the whirlwind of recent changes in Marc’s career, the vibe was undeniably electric, a sentiment that is expected to resonate to the actual race event this weekend. Marc is geared up to close out the remaining 2023 season on a high note. An outpouring of excitement has marked Marc’s return to Thailand as he is thrilled to reconnect with the passionate Thai fans once again.

“It’s super nice to be back in Thailand because I have very good memories. My last championship was here in Thailand, Buriram in 2019. Always, I’ve had a very good connection with the Thai fans. I like them because they are very passionate,” states Marc.

Marc and Alex Marquez pose together in Buriram, Thailand, on October 25, 2023. // Sean Chen / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310252511 // Usage for editorial use only //

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To watch the full video of Marc and Alex Marquez competing in the Thailand Balance Challenge, click HERE.

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