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How Zuitt Commits to Long-Lasting Success at an Affordable Price

How Zuitt Commits to Long-Lasting Success at an Affordable Price

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by Brandon Varner

A lot of coding bootcamps offer a lot of great benefits to students, but Zuitt’s unique story and its depth of commitment to its students are certainly remarkable. This bootcamp promises students can learn to develop software in two to three months.

And in addition to the lightning-fast pace, Zuitt’s students enjoy 100 percent live instruction during their course. And, according to an internal study, Zuitt gives students all of this in the most affordable coding bootcamp in the world.

But how does Zuitt do it? Where did they come from, and what makes this course so much quicker than many of its competitors?

Zuitt’s rapid-fire curriculum covers the MERN stack and can be completed full-time in two months full-time or part-time in three months.


What Makes Zuitt Unique?

In 2016, Zuitt’s three co-founders started the school after successfully launching their first startup. They wanted to give back to their country, the Philippines, by giving more people access to tech with a study now, pay later pricing model. To create opportunities for everyone, everywhere, as their mission statement says, they’ve grown to incorporate lifelong training and a tuition refund policy to ensure students have the best chance possible at success.

This program has shown success by increasing the developer pool in its native country. As more multinational companies began to enter the Philippines, they could reliably hire software developers from Zuitt who wouldn’t miss a beat. And since then, students from all over the world, including the US, have taken advantage of everything the program has to offer, from its curriculum to its strong career services.

Zuitt’s worldwide efficiency comes from its structure. It’s headquartered in Singapore, staffed by Filipino workers, and led by a Japanese serial entrepreneur CEO with IPO experience. It’s a global collaboration that’s led to extraordinary success for hundreds of graduates.

But there’s more that sets this school apart.

Shorter Schedule

If you take the part-time course, you’ll finish in three months. If you take the accelerated full-time course, you’ll finish in two months. You might worry about the level of education that you can receive in such a short amount of time, but the proof is in their outcomes. This school has created a lane for many career changers, and you could be next.

Study Now, Pay Later

Zuitt’s Study Now, Pay Later model makes its affordable price even more appealing. With a deposit as low as $80, you can get a full education and then pay the rest of the course fee after you’ve already landed a job as a software engineer.

Worldwide Success

The Zuitt program serves students from all over the planet, from the United States to Asia and Africa. Through its live online model, you’ll be able to network with students across the globe, which can increase your career opportunities exponentially.

Zuitt’s Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps provide an advantage over self-study, by giving students expert advice and the aforementioned networking opportunities. But beyond that, you’ll also gain help launching your new career with Zuitt’s career services. In this program, nurses, teachers, and more have succeeded because they all possess a common trait; the will to learn and succeed.

Zuitt recommends that applicants already have a bachelor’s degree before attending the course. But even if you don’t have a degree, if you have the will to succeed you can still appreciate this school’s rapid-fire curriculum and attention to detail.

Zuitt Curriculum

Zuitt’s Developer Career Program is based on the MERN stack. Zuitt’s instructors start by teaching students HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the basic building blocks of the modern web. Then students progress to learning about MongoDB, Express.JS, React. JS, and Node.JS, along with tools like Git and Bootstrap that almost every developer needs to know.

You’ll learn all of these tools in a live online format, in the two-month part-time course or the three-month full-time course. Zuitt’s instructors host classes for the full-time program on Mondays through Fridays from 8am until 5pm SGT, and for the part-time program from 5:30pm until 9:30pm SGT.

Both courses start with the main course package, where students learn the front-end tools before studying back-end tools, then finish their education with client-server tools to make them into bonafide full-stack developers. One of the more popular industry-standard tools that students learn during the course is React.

React is a JavaScript framework that’s consistently growing in popularity, ranking second among all frameworks in Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey. This Facebook-developed framework makes it easier for devs to create strong user interfaces and faster loading single-page apps. Companies like Netflix and Uber rely on React to make sure that their users aren’t sitting through long load times even with all of the data they handle on the back end.

Zuitt’s instructors guide students through the main course package before students gain access to over 100 hours of content through the Short Courses Program. The Short Courses Program gives students the chance to beef up their skills in technology like PHP, Java, AWS, and more that isn’t covered in the main course. These courses open up even more career options than the main course, and at no extra cost.

Zuitt Price

According to Zuitt’s own internal review, they offer prices that are 17 times more affordable than the average bootcamp. You’ve got three payment options for each course; the Study Now, Pay Later model, the upfront model, or the installment model. It also offers tuition refunds to students in the Philippines who can’t find work within five months of graduation.

The Study Now, Pay Later model best demonstrates Zuitt’s vision of offering opportunities for everyone, no matter where they are. You pay an $80 deposit for the full-time course and a $160 deposit for the part-time course. You don’t pay the remainder of the $2,000 tuition until you’ve graduated, at which time you repay the school for 24 months and your bill is settled.

The upfront model is the simplest and most affordable, where students pay $1,200 and then don’t have to worry about any more payment obligations. The installment model allows students to pay as low as $220 per month while completing their course, for a total tuition of $1,320.

You’ll learn to create sites and web apps that load quickly, at an affordable price with live instruction. But beyond those tools, you’ll also learn how to properly market yourself as you enter your new career.

Zuitt Career Services

If you’ve never worked in the tech industry, you’ll need help entering the job market. Zuitt will help you learn what to expect as you start working, and show you how to land the jobs of your dreams.

You’ll experience mock interviews to help you practice a new form of job interview you may not be used to. Zuitt’s career services team holds prep sessions so you can rebuild your job searching materials including your resume. They also help you with career roadmaps and career-building one-to-one meetings to make sure your unique needs are being met.

After you’ve learned what it takes to find a job, the career team guides you through career advancement and common scenarios that you may encounter in your new field to ensure you’re prepared for the road ahead. With thorough instruction on your new career path, you’ll be prepared to take the next steps towards a successful career.

Zuitt Outcomes

Over five years, Zuitt has brought over 2,000 new developers into the field through more than 120 cohorts. Its graduates have gone on to work for over 200 employers. We’ve mentioned before that its graduates include people from all over the planet, and its success in the Phillippines has allowed many worldwide organizations to comfortably expand into that region.

After completing the main course at Zuitt, you’ll be ready to work as a front end junior developer, backend JavaScript junior developer, or full stack JavaScript junior developer. You can expect an entry-level salary somewhere between around $60,932 and $65,589, according to PayScale. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the web development field to grow by around 8 percent by 2029, double the national average of four percent across all jobs, so there’s still plenty of room for you to make an impression.

If you complete the optional learning through the Short Courses Program, you can open even more opportunities. The courses can train you to work as a junior backend or full-stack developer in Java or PHP, but you can also just take those courses to bolster your resume after finishing the main course.

Opportunity for All

Zuitt’s foremost goal is to help people like you land jobs. Even if you’ve been working in a career that you’ve fallen out of love with over the years, it’s never too late to learn something new. With a flexible model that fits your needs, in-demand tools in the curriculum, and career services to give you a boost into a new career, Zuitt has something for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about Zuitt, or if you’d like to enroll now, visit the website and click the Apply Now button to book a free live info session. A member of the admissions team will guide you through all of the course and payment options to help you decide the right path through Zuitt for your needs.

This educator is excited about helping people reach their full potential at an affordable rate that makes it accessible for all. It won’t be easy, but working with Zuitt puts a software development career within reach for anyone around the globe.