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J-CAP Jisedai Contemporary Arts Platform

J-CAP Jisedai Contemporary Arts Platform

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J-CAP Jisedai Contemporary Arts Platform

The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) will launch a new project dedicated to the co-development of Japanese and Philippine contemporary art called J-CAP or Jisedai Contemporary Arts Platform. “Jisedai” means “Next Generation” in Japanese. The project aims to foster dialogue, interaction, idea exchange, and collaboration between artists and curators from both countries.

Contemporary art is an indispensable medium for representing the depths of current society. Although there are various forms of contemporary art exchanges between Japan and the Philippines, through this network, we would like to link together what were once isolated individual connections and weave it into a more expansive and all-inclusive exchange.

Program Schedule

10 September 2022 Kyun-Chome

8 October 2022 Mayumi Hirano

November 2022 Ryotaro Fuyuki

January 2023 Leeroy New

February 2023 Colloquium