Monday, October 2, 2023

MUST TRY: Tea Talk’s Top 10 Drinks Are Perfect for Family Summer Bonding


MUST TRY: Tea Talk’s Top 10 Drinks Are Perfect for Family Summer Bonding

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For the second time around, it is imperative for Filipinos to spend the sunny season
staying in residences due to the pandemic. Instead of the usual beach and swimming
escapade, we are confined in the four corners of our home. Most people have come up
with ways to have fun and beat the summer heat—setting up an inflatable pool,
locking up in an air-conditioned while watching movies, and of course, drinking
ice-cold beverages.

It’s a fact we could all agree on: one of the best ways to quench the thirst in this
scorching heat is to drink milk tea. Having two consecutive summer seasons in
lockdown, you must have ordered your favorite milk tea drinks from your usual milk tea
shops. But hey, it’s time to switch it up! And we got the next best milk tea shop for you
to try!

Accentuating its special milk tea concoctions made from authentic ingredients, Tea Talk
is one of the up-and-coming local milk tea shops you should check out. Avoid going
stir-crazy this quarantine and spark bonding conversations with your family with Tea
Talk’s summer coolers.

We listed down the top drinks from Tea Talk for every milk tea lover:

1. Taro Bubble Milk
For milk tea enthusiasts who love a mix of sweet and nutty flavors, Tea Talk’s Taro
Bubble Milk is the one for you. Made with natural tea, creamy fresh milk, and sweet
taro flavor, this drink will definitely give you the energy and fiber boost that you need.

2. Brown Sugar Boba Milk

If you are looking for an irresistible dessert-like beverage, give Tea Talk’s Brown Sugar
Boba Milk a try. With fresh milk and brown sugar syrup as its main ingredients, you
can expect a sweet caramel taste, a hint of arnibal, and a mouthwatering silky texture.

3. Sakura Red Velvet

If you have a sweet tooth, Tea Talk’s Sakura Red Velvet will give you a creamy velvety
cheesecake goodness. Perfectly crafted Japanese-inspired milk tea, this drink is infused
with real cherry extracts and mixed with creamy red velvet cheesecake and blushing
pink tapioca pearls.

4. Matcha Milk

Looking for a refreshing and healthy drink that will satisfy your taste buds? Have Tea
Talk’s Matcha Milk. Concocted with fresh milk, natural sweeteners, and matcha flavor,
one sip of this drink will get you hooked.

5. Tea Talk Milk Tea
Undecided or no particular flavor preferred in mind? You could never go wrong with a
cup of signature Tea Talk Milk Tea. Made with rich and creamy fresh milk and topped
with tapioca pearls, this drink will give you a simple yet delicious taste to enjoy.

6. Oolong Milk Tea
Up for an unfamiliar and unique drink? Tea Talk’s Oolong Milk Tea offers a light and
diverse flavor with a nutty aftertaste. It’s a natural and classic iced oolong tea with rich
and creamy fresh milk topped with tapioca pearls.

7. Thai Milk Tea
For a classic, vanilla-like beverage, Tea Talk’s Thai Milk Tea is a go-to drink. Made in
natural Thai tea flavor and milk, you will surely enjoy its silky texture and deliciously
sweet and creamy taste.

8. Lemon Green Tea
How about a revitalizing and healthy fruit drink? Tea Talk’s Lemon Green Tea will give
you a naturally sweetened and refreshing iced drink made with lemon juice splashed
with green tea goodness. You can also have it in black tea flavor.

9. Passion Fruit Special
If you want a refreshing drink with tropical flavors, Tea Talk’s Passion Fruit Special is
the drink for you. This beverage is a sparkling iced passion fruit tea drink oozing with
natural health benefits, giving you a sweet and a hint of tangy taste.

10. Wintermelon Fruit Tea
Craving for a soothing yet invigorating drink? Tea Talk’s Wintermelon Fruit Tea is an
ideal choice. An iced drink made with natural lemon juice and splashed with
wintermelon tea flavors, this drink will give you the right amount of sweet and fruity

What are you waiting for? Have a Happy Tea and Happy Talk experience this summer
with your family and quench your thirst with Tea Talk. Find the nearest branch in your