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Operations with Gorgeous COO Grace Bondad Nicolas: Busier Now Than Ever

Operations with Gorgeous COO Grace Bondad Nicolas: Busier Now Than Ever

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Being the Chief Operation Officer is not a walk in the park.

The COO oversees the company’s business operations and reports to the CEO, making sure that the company has effective operational and financial procedures in place.

Thus, she’s also known as the Director of Operations, Operations Director, or Chief Operations Officer.

A multitasker whose parents called her to work at an early age at 12, Grace Bondad Nicolas embraces being the COO and the founder of AG Builders and Developers, TAG Media and Public Relations, and AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company.

Thanks for the foundation and unconditional training she received from her entrepreneur parents.

“Waking up each day at 4 a.m. is ordinary for me.

“My late father, Josefino Velasco Bondad of Calauan, Laguna, was made sure to serve customers earlier than the usual business hours because he doesn’t want them to wait, especially the carpenters who like to work early to finish their construction work.

“It’s so different in the province and I am thankful and forever grateful for the love and support from my parents.

“My mom keeps on telling me that Landbank Philippines even approached my father to be the Entrepreneur of the Year during his heyday but he declined.

“That’s a proof how industrious and good he was in what he does, and I’m forever grateful,” shared gorgeous Grace Bondad Nicolas.

Right now, Grace is the one making sure that deliveries are done, scripts and articles are disseminated, and the construction project is on track and on schedule.

What’s making her busier?

She’s also Vice President of the American Association of the Philippines, President of the Kiwanis Club of Makati, and Vice President of the Makati Tourism Foundation, Inc.

According to her, this pandemic makes her busier, since all of the organizations she’s with are still functioning, giving help to indigents, and not to mention  distributing products under AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company with its four brands: Graceful Skin Essentials, Immune CEE, GlamHigh Cosmetics, and GlutaGlow Slimming Drinks.

According to Grace, “This pandemic is the launching pad. If you can make it in this global health crisis, you’ll be fantastically fine after. “

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