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“Pamilya Sagrado” Lead Star Piolo Pascual Makes His Mark On Metro


“Pamilya Sagrado” Lead Star Piolo Pascual Makes His Mark On Metro


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Piolo Pascual graces the newest digital cover of Metro in time for the much-awaited premiere of his comeback series “Pamilya Sagrado.”

In the exclusive Metro cover story titled “’Pamilya Sagrado’ Star Piolo Pascual Is Living Life in the Fast Lane,” the unstoppable actor-producer described the ABS-CBN family drama as sociological.

“It’s a mirror of society. We are not being political, but more sociological. We want to tell the story of how we are,” he said.

The Kapamilya star also opened up about how liberating it is not to have his hair dyed for the new role as an ambitious governor named Rafael Sagrado.

“I let my character flow from what the director tells me, what the writer tells me. I thought, ah, I will let my grays show, which made me so happy. It was liberating, I didn’t have to go to a salon and get my hair dyed,” he graciously shared. “But one change I made was that I wanted to make my character more dark. So when he changes, it’s more seen.”

Apart from his comeback teleserye and his recent FAMAS win, the versatile star likewise talked about interests that have been keeping him busy outside showbiz, like his venture into a resort business in Palawan and his love for running.

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