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“Sleeping Beauty” All Set to Open on August 24, 2019

“Sleeping Beauty” All Set to Open on August 24, 2019

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Kids Acts Philippines is opening its 17th Season of Musical Theatre with a famous fairytale by a well-known French author, Charles Perrault entitled “SLEEPING BEAUTY”, that will run from August 2019 until March of 2020. This adaptation is under the collaboration of the two award- winning Filipino directors, Luigi Nacario and Eugene Belbis who are also named as the Fathers of Philippine Children’s Theatre because of pioneering the children’s musical for kids and by the kids and advocating training and augmenting the interests of the children in performing arts in the country.

KAPI’s version of “SLEEPING BEAUTY” will highlight the scenes from the original manuscript of Charles Perrault. Children and all fairytale fanatics will be transported to the magical world of fairies through the colorful sets and costumes, and the beautiful songs and music originally composed by the award-winning musical director, Eugene Belbis with lyrics by the award winning stage director Luigi Nacario. The story will come to life on stage by integrating every child’s interest to learn and to appreciate theater as other effective tool for learning while being entertained by the entire performance. In this version, everyone discovers that it’s not only three but seven gifts of imaginable perfections that the good fairies have bestowed upon the little princess, and the truth on how Sleeping Beauty was pricked her finger with the spindle of the spinning wheel. This adaptation centers the tale of hope, love and fulfillment that every human being must endure to achieve.

Bring the entire family to the theatre and experience the magic of what the land of fairies could give! This family centered story will preserve the faith of children and all children at heart that love of family doesn’t only last for a hundred years but beyond a lifetime.

Find out how this well-loved fairytale will inspire everyone to love and be loved featuring Mirriam Reyes as Sleeping Beauty (Princess Esperanza), Jared Balling and Benj Espina as Prince Charlie, Zeus Kristianne Bunyi and Terence Guillermo as King Louis, Vanessa Abdon and Ces Dela Cruz-Guevara as Queen Esmeralda, The Seven Good Fairies: Monica Tulio and Jewel Yu as Mistress Vida, Micol Delloro and Charm Babelonio as Mistress Hermosura, Nicki Roque and Michelle Castro as Mistress Generosa, Molly Geniblazo and Yvonne Lomibao as Mistress Graciana, Emai Bansil and Nina Guiang as Mistress Bailarina, Anya Almirante and Ella Gonzalez as Mistress Muscana, Kaela Esmeralda and Chelsea Sangco as Mistress Catarina, Meg Jacinto and Angel Yu as Mistress Tristeza, Joed Caseres, Welcy Calderon, Ivien Jacosalem and Denise Arteta as Little Esperenza, Allen Orolfo, Andrei Delloro and John Leo Dumandan as Royal Messenger, Jay Garcia and Nathan Flores as the Gnome and Royal Priest, Ivan Jacosalem as Under Study for Prince Charlie, Princess Manaloto as Under Study for Queen Esmeralda.

The artistic and production team of SLEEPING BEAUTY is composed of Luigi Nacario (Writer, Stage Direction, Choreographer, and Costume Designer); Eugene Belbis (Music & Orchestration); Joven Estremera (Poster & Set Design), Kristian Chua (Lights Design), Image Corner Photostudio (Photography), Marian Alix (Production Management) and Meldrig Costuna (Stage Management). Kids Acts Philippines is the Children’s Theatre component of the Education Committee of the Philippine Centre of the UNISCO-Earthsavers International Theatre Institute (ITI)

Show Date: August 24, 2017 –  Saturday
Matinee Show: 3:00PM
Children’s Gala Show: 6:00PM
Venue: FLEUR-DE-LIS AUDITORIUM, Saint Paul University Manila,
680 Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila.

Ticket Price: Php 1000 (Free Seating Only)
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