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Smart Asset Managers Empower Women w/ Choices, Opportunities, & Livelihood from SAM University

Smart Asset Managers Empower Women w/ Choices, Opportunities, & Livelihood from SAM University

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Smart Asset Managers (SAM) launches its SAM University program in a virtual press conference called “Unleashing Women Power in Entrepreneurship” to highlight the variety, opportunities, and options available to SAM-empowered women from various sectors.

Make SAM a part of your choice

This wealth of options is made possible with SAM “disrupting current business models by combining conventional and digital in the SAM University program to empower women through education,” explains Filipino-New Zealander Rommel Santos, SAM founder.

“Through education, we are able to adopt to the new normal, but to thrive” he added, “it’s best to make SAM a part of the choice, but NOT your only choice!”

How SAM University empowers women

“SAM University is different from conventional schools and universities because it doesn’t prepare students to become employees,” shared Melba Angni of SAM University and Financial Literacy Program.

“It teaches learners to become employers themselves and help the economy for everyone,” she continued as she explains the essence of SAM’s advocating sharing economy.

As a teacher for more than 30 years, she confesses, “It’s frustrating to see students not landing good lives and livelihood, so SAM University was set up to address that. By being inclusive and offering more privileges and opportunities, SAM University guides and prepares clients for real entrepreneurial life.”

“After all, women are the most powerful consumers,” she averred, with women being homemakers and the central figure in managing households.

“A better world means bringing in more women in the spotlight because on equality rests equity and female leadership pays dividends,”

Thus, SAM University has lined up courses that would train and educate OFWs and those who are earning to invest in preparation for retirement through investments and savings, spouses who are spending to spend wisely through credit education, and children who are getting allowances through money management.

The only requisite to enrolling in SAM University is to download the SAM app, subscribe, and then enroll.

“It’s as easy as ABC.”

Opportunities in beauty and wellness

“Empowering women through an entrepreneurial learning system can make a change, and prove that change is possible,” says Eloisa Francesco Figueroa, Program Director of Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneurs (BAWE) of SAM University.

As a flight attendant of Saudia Airlines flight attendant who has explored the world and has used beauty as means to success, she believes that SAM can definitely help improve the lives of OFWs like her by making sure that learning can happen and continues digitally in the new normal.

“With an investment of only P5,000, medical and marketing professionals will train affiliates how to earn extra money and develop entrepreneurial attitudes and a drive to succeed in the beauty and wellness industry,” shares Dianne Yabut Luna, CEO of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine.

This is an attractive option for women with beauty, health, and wellness being one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines and the world.

Equal opportunity through education

“SAM and SAM University offer opportunities even for people who are physically and medically challenged,” testifies Janet Rebusio Ducayag, a former reporter of The Journal Group of Companies and now Rommel Santos’s full-time writer.

Education is essential now to open up more options. She says, “More than ever before, today’s young women have more choices and control in their lives. They have the most choices in education.”

More importantly, empowerment starts where we are, as is where is:

“Women empowerment starts within our families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Here are some ways of empowering women: Ensure women’s safety, education, and healthcare; save a girl, teach job skills, raise your voice against gender inequality, give her freedom. With these, we can even be more than men whose existence came from women.”

Empowerment begins with home economy

Cindy Dominguez, professional blogger and grandaughter of Jose Villa Panganiban who codified the Filipino, attests to this, empowerment does begin at home, but confesses:

“It’s very hard to make a decision without consulting anyone in the home because decision-making is a process, but now, it’s time to say: ‘It’s my turn to decide.’”

Women’s decision-making responsibility resting upon their shoulders at home.

“The wise woman save for the rainy day, hard as it may be, but she must for the family and for herself; so, women empowerment is actually economic empowerment since women are entrusted what to do, especially on how she earns,” she expounds.

“And it’s easy,” she adds, “with SAM you only need P1,000 to subscribe and then buy SAM Koin for just P50 and start your own Ipon Challenge. Instead of buying other stuff, save it and be part of the SAM community.”

After all, no decision is a small decision when it comes to money.

We need utilizers in a sharing economy

Summing up, Santos explains that “SAM’s goal is to reverse conventional economy with a sharing economy. Thus, we don’t need investors, we need utilizers; sharing memberships through the open public by sharing information on conventional businesses. And, as global company, our membership comes from 17 countries!”

Through a multi-educational system from and for all walks of life, “SAM University will teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and money management, so members will understand how project development works; so, they can do their part as members, earn rewards bonus points, and plan now how the entrepreneurial lifestyle applies to themselves.”

This is SAM University’s goal: To be with members in their entrepreneurial journey in a sharing economy.

SAM Univ is own educational platform within the SAM e-wallet and it is accessible at your own leisure, to reach unreachable areas, at any time!

Stage 3 of SAM business in the Philippines

Smart Asset Managers is a Filipino-controlled finance-tech company engaged in digital and conventional business development through membership sales and rewards programs with direct subcription, members acceleration program, and merchant acceleration program.

Owned by Filipino-New Zealander Rommel Santos, SAM is registered in Australia and the Philippines as a virtual currency exchanger, independent money remittance and money remitter issuer, and foreign exchange issuer.

It is now on its Stage 3 of development in the Philippines.

Full support by bloggers and traditional media

The virtual press conference was attended by bloggers John Cueto of Larawan at Kape, Aileen de Leon of Bits and Bytes, Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas, Christine Gonzalez of Today Online, Donna Raquiza of Ganday Negosyo, and Camilo M Villanueva, Jr, of HappeningPH.

The event was covered by traditional media reporters Justin Andrales of Chinese Commercial News, Ryan Buguis of Manila Times, Jenny Cheng of United News, Cheksa Itable of the Chinese Journal, and Aldwin Tolosa of Business Mirror.