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Tag Media Group “Rising Tigers Magazine” Anniversary with Founder Grace Bondad Nicolas

Tag Media Group “Rising Tigers Magazine” Anniversary with Founder Grace Bondad Nicolas

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Rising Tigers Magazine, the most distributed magazine right now in National Bookstores under publishers Andrew and Grace Bondad Nicolas are beaming with joy since the magazine is distributed nationwide about the rising tigers “Emerging leaders” and nation builders “Captains from different industries” in the Philippines and in Asia will launch “Beyond Leadership- Anniversary Issue to inspire more the readers.


These are the men and women who are making a difference for this generation and making an impact in the society not just because of their success in the company they are in but in reaching out the indigents and marginalized. It’s beyond leadership.

The success of Rising Tigers is beyond compare. The first launch was attended by the Managing Director of National Bookstores and the granddaughter of the founder. Claiming also the success for being the only local magazine in most branches of the leading bookstore.

These leaders stories will be featured in the issue to inspire more the readers and will be included both in print and digital version with presentation and ceremony at The Manila Hotel on March 30, 2023 in partnership with Philippine Korean Chamber, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of France, Makati Tourism Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Makati, Los Baños Chamber of Commerce and Industry and different embassies in the Philippines. These leaders also will be the front cover of the magazine.


Andrew and Grace are making sure to continue what they started, to give quality content and for proper information dissemination. The magazine is quarterly with Margarita Bondad as it’s Editor-in-Chief. Brian Poe Llamanzares is the co-owner.

“Always for the best and greater than the previous issue. Grateful also for the support of the different embassies.”- Grace Bondad Nicolas

Featured leaders to be recognized with their success and genuine help for the marginalized;

Rising Tigers and Nation Builders
1. Walther Buenavista: Shawarma Shack (Founder & CEO)
2. David Ackerman: StratDev (Founder & CEO)
3. Tristan Cabrera: Esports Pro Player
4. Atty. Arnel Mateo: ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting In (Founder & CEO)
5. DTI Sec. Alfredo Pascual
6. DILG Sec. Benhur Abalos
7. Yu Ming Chin: Viventis Asia (Founder and CEO)
8. Congressman Duke Frasco
9. Nino Rovillos: Illos Party Trays (Founder & CEO)
10. Ramon Garcia Jr: DFNN (Chairman)
11. Michael Pacquiao: Musician
12. COMELEC George Erwin Mojica Garcia (Chairman)

Women of Substance
1. Blanca Mercado: The Manila Times (President & COO)
2. France Ambassador H. E. Michèle Boccoz
3. Romania Ambassador H. E. Răduţa Dana Matache
4. Congresswoman Margarita Nograles
5. Jessica Bellen: Jessy & Co (Founder & CEO)
6. Iona Gibbs: Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2022
7. DBM Sec. Amenah Pangandaman

Guest of Honor: Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares

These leaders confirmed their arrival on March 30, 2023 at The Manila Hotel.

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