Friday, May 24, 2024

The FEU Center for the Arts Presents the FEU Bamboo Band in “LET IT BEATLES” on May 24

The FEU Center for the Arts Presents the FEU Bamboo Band in “LET IT BEATLES” on May 24

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The Far Eastern University (FEU) Center for the Arts proudly presents the FEU Bamboo Band (FBB) in a concert entitled “Let It Beatles” on Wednesday, May 24 at 6:00 PM in the historic FEU Auditorium. Known as the theater of all theaters and the cultural center of the country in the 1950’s, the FEU Auditorium will celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2024.

After a 3 year delay, “Let It Beatles” is the long-awaited return to the stage of the FBB after the pandemic. This concert celebrates the music of one of the greatest bands in history, The Beatles, and will feature arrangements of some of the greatest hits of the group. A brand-new cast of very talented musicians from different institutes of FEU Manila will perform in this live, face to face concert. They learned the concert repertoire in the course of this school year. They were trained and nurtured by their Artistic Director, Mr. Norberto Cads, and assisted by the FBB’s Student Officers.

The concert will reinforce to the audience that music is accessible to everyone, is truly enjoyable and can be performed masterfully using bamboo instruments.

Artistic Director Norberto Cads, an artist who has extensive knowledge in Bamboo Music and has participated in numerous International Expositions and Festivals together with the Banda Kawayan Pilipinas, will lead the FBB in a concert that will be both highly entertaining and exciting.

Creating new twists to Beatles’ hits, the FEU Bamboo Band’s virtuosity with bamboo instruments will surely create an unforgettable musical experience for its audience.

“Let It Beatles” is a free concert that celebrates FEU’s ninety fifth year.

For more information about the concert, FEU’s Cultural Groups and other upcoming performances, please visit and like the FEU Center for the Arts Facebook Page: Far Eastern University Center for the Arts.

You may also call the FCA Office from 8AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday at (02) 8849-4145 ext. 310.

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