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Three3 Reasons to Visit Ivan+Khris’ Travels Blog: Or, What I Love Most About Blogs

Three3 Reasons to Visit Ivan+Khris’ Travels Blog: Or, What I Love Most About Blogs

How do you feel about this story?


It feels pretty strange writing about a blog instead of interacting with it and I’m sure not many have tried doing so.

For fear of being judged for one, or bashed, for daring to do the unimaginable.

At least not on their own initiative which could be akin to taking a privilege stance as an online media savvy guru or at the least a researcher trying to learn or a scholar trying to write about a hybrid 21st century genre.

Given the chance, I’d rather comment, guest post, or share blog content.

After all, I’m not a blogger’s blogger, I haven’t had much serious talk with bloggers on their art and craft, and I don’t have the training in the technicality of its form or a passionate experience in its practice.

But I enjoy sharing.

This is the first thing that struck me when I first encountered Ivan Carlo Jose and Khrisna Macalma-Jose’s blog.

They shared more than what I expected of them to share to me—beyond new discoveries, thoughts, and information:

1. How the blog evolved—which surprisingly is the 2016 incarnation, say anthology, of Ivan’s previous blogs frenchraisins, Until Next Weekend, and The Introverted Weekender, along with his “food articles in Zomato and travel narratives in Trip Advisor” from as early as 2007.

2. How they work—with is such a sweet process for me where Khris handles “finding great travel and dining deals and preparing trip itineraries” while Ivan does the writing!

3. Who have shared their content—which includes having their articles carried by big mainstream publishers like, GMA News Online, and as well as by Choose Philippines, looloo iNSIGHTS, Latitude,, Daddy Set Go, and John Fisalbon.

Given these revelations, Ivan+Khris’ Travels brings me back to the primal joy of reading what exciting features and information a blog has to offer (and, perhaps, enjoying its equally exciting promos)—the way I used to.

Because I, like most everyone else, love stories.

The way I first learned about, got hooked, and became an avid reader and fan of blogs.

Nothing beats catchy narratives, intriguing possibilities, and awesome surprises, such as in Ivan and Khris’:

1. Love story—conceiving of the blog (pun intended) after they met at the bank they are both working in and discovering the “immense importance they put in their families” and their mutual passion for traveling.

2. Disclaimer—making it honest to goodness clear that the couple’s blog is “not a travel guide and more of a journal of two ordinary people who see beauty in simplicity”, which is more intriguing for me who believes that simplicity is something most blogs find a challenge to capture in words and in photos.

3. Philosophy—where Ivan+Khris’ Travels  is all “about living life, pursuing passions realizing dreams, appreciating culture and history, and just being happy”.


What and how else could anyone sum up a blog experience or rationale than “just to be happy”?
I’m beat and would, given the computer to browse the rest of the blogs content, not only devour the lineup of articles, but also everything between the lines to find keys to happiness in their posts, sundry trivia, and down-to-earth ruminations.

If only to feel relaxed, refreshed, and reinvigorated.

However, blogs have evolved from its highly personal beginnings as a diary or a showcase of very specific interests to a media phenomenon more related to publishing, advertising, and marketing.

They’ve become more of an experience much like getting carried away by a website’s usability.

I treasure functional engagement.

Instead of simply being a repository of content, a record of thoughts, or an album of memories, blogs I reckon have gone beyond the self but remain palpable, personal, and yet also practical like in

1. Having a network—giving the blog credibility being part of the Gourmet Ads Publishing Network, leading me to search for relevant, related articles and, you guess it, featured ads of note!

2. Partnering with brands—again, further boosting the brand, this time for other brands and advertisers or prospects who might want to collaborate knowing the couple have handled campaigns for, Agoda, Lonely Planet, Klook, and AirBnB.

3. Opening up opportunities—not only for travel specialists looking for engagements via Jooble but more so for fellow content who might be able to apprentice with, work with, or learn from Ivan and Khris.

Yes, the way I am learning know—and I am just reading and writing about their blog!

But, let’s cut the hype: that’s just me—I am no specialist or expert critic background.

I have a “blog” but I think it’s nowhere near what Ivan and Khris has come up with here as a power blogger couple, at least, if you base my judgment with the reasons I have just enumerated.

I’m sure you’d find more than three reasons to enjoy Ivan+Khris’ Travels when you visit

And if you do find other reasons, let me know by posting your comments below and sharing it on Facebook.

The reason with the most likes gets a little prize from me!

*This is a writing exercise from the Blogging Mentorship Program of MsKathyKenny.